Meet Eric

Let me empower you!

I am in my element when co-creating a great landscape with the people I help, catching their vision while teaching them too. Let's develop a transforming vision for your boring or overgrown yard. The goal is a satisfying world of living beauty that draws you outside and into nature.

I enjoy helping you understand the how and why of making your plants thrive. Let's de-mystify what confuses or intimidates you about plants and gardening. I know I'm doing my job if you feel empowered by the time we're done!

I help homeowners who often want to install their own landscapes. They rely on my insights to steer them in the right direction, and usually want a master plan to work from. I also offer consultations to give you ideas or solve landscape issues, and I teach classes on a variety of horticultural topics. 

The goal 

My passion is creating worlds of living beauty that offer a sanctuary from the burdens and busy pace of our modern lives. I believe we need Nature's beauty in our own outdoor spaces more than ever. It feeds our souls on a level that transcends our thoughts and reasoning. It can powerfully balance us, restore our hearts, or inspire us.  Edible plants can be woven into the picture to sustain our bodies and souls.  

Our own backyards can inspire and ground us, even if it's an apartment balcony! The living element of our plants fulfills something within us as we watch these living tapestries gradually mature and change.  Your garden or landscape should give you ongoing delight and a restful haven, or it's missing its potential. By nurturing your own piece of Nature, you make a real contribution back to the planet!

Design Philosophy

Getting to know you helps me understand your personal tastes, vision and priorities. Then, I know I can create an overall design for your landscape that'll not only please you, but will also be sustainable for years to come. The goal is a living vision that'll mature over time without needing to be torn out and re-done in just a few years. Anyone can have inspiring beauty outside their doors without a maintenance nightmare.


The gardens or planted landscapes I'm most drawn to seem to balance the solid, calming presence of nonliving elements like large boulders, dry stream beds, fountains, arbors or flagstone paths with the vibrant and ever-changing beauty of plants. The living and static parts of a landscape can balance each other nicely.


Having said that, plants themselves have always driven my own passion for garden/landscape design, and they are still the stars and foundation for the designs I create for people. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have one of the best climates for gardening anywhere in the world, and most people don't realize what a huge variety of diverse and beautiful plants we can grow right here! I like to use a large palette of plants in my designs when a client is so inclined, but I also use fewer varieties for those who want easy and simple beauty outside their doors.


A satisfying landscape doesn't just use plants randomly or as cosmetic touches only. Carefully-chosen plants can relate to each other in ways that make the whole picture much more interesting than they would if isolated from each other. Plants can set a strong tone with their unique shapes, textures and colors. 

Experience & Background

Years ago, I fell in love with the world of plants and gardens, enchanted with how plants can be combined into ever-changing tapestries of living magic. I learned a lot through the Environmental Horticulture program at Lake Washington Technical College.  I also worked almost 20 years for two of the top retail nurseries in NW Washington, all while doing residential landscape designs for clients with widely-varied visions and practical needs. 

That experience and my own enthusiastic experiments with hundreds of plant species taught me  about the huge variety of plants we can grow in the Pacific Northwest. I've learned what works well and how to make a landscape shine and thrive. I've planted and maintained landscapes for clients and myself, growing through my failures. My drive to create personal sanctuaries of botanical beauty is how I learned all I know.