What You Can Expect

The Design Process

 My goal is your satisfaction and success with your own living landscape!

1.  Initial consultation: an informal interview for us to get to know each     other a bit. We also look at your property to assess its gifts, challenges     and specific features. Note: I offer the first hour of this consultation free     of charge when you decide to hire me for your entire design. 

2. Agree on Services and fees:  we agree what I will do for you at this     point.  A retainer fee or percentage (normally 25% or less) of the total     agreed-upon price, is required to start.

3.  Site survey: I return to get the details for an accurate map for     your design, including all needed measurements and photos. This part     can take a bit more attention than some people expect, but if you     don't want surprises when it's time to plant, knowing exactly how much     space you have is key.

4.  Preliminary Concept Plan (if requested): shows you the general idea     behind whatever vision I've come up with based on our initial     consultation, with a few specifics but not many. This is when you can         re-direct me if there's something you don't like about my early concept.

5.  Master plan (and revisions, if needed): this normally includes a fairly     detailed, accurate map showing you the layout of your future landscape     including paths, patio spaces, walls, and of course the plants! I also     provide a written "key" which explains and identifies everything in the     plan.  If you desire, I can also include visual aids, such as images for all     of the proposed plants.  As I work on designs for people, I like to     collaborate with them by reaching out in the middle of the work to get     their input about specific plants or ideas I might be considering.

  6.  Presentation of Master Plan: this can happen without

    actually meeting physically, but that's best when possible. I walk you     through the design and answer your questions. This is when I ask for     payment of the balance of my fees. 

7.  Follow-up: more often than not, my clients contact me a few     times after completion with questions. I answer these at no charge, as     long as it doesn't turn into a major conversation. I'm always happy to     schedule time with you for further questions or to address changes     you want to make.

"Eric Andrews is to plants and landscaping what an inspired chef is to food and cooking; he dreams, experiments and works his visions like a man in love... that is, he loves what he does and he is gifted in it. It's a glorious thing to behold..." Armina - Ellensburg, WA