we meet on-site to cover whatever you want help with: a list of best plant options for you to do your own planning, identifying plants in your existing landscape, advice to grow a happier vegetable garden, or troubleshooting your landscape problems.



An overall plan to work from, simple or complex, depending on your needs.. I aim to set you up with a design you can execute realistically and sustainably.

Garden Coaching

Periodic visits to walk you through what your landscape needs each season, teaching you to succeed with your plants on your own.

Garden Maintenance

Regular or seasonal visits to keep your landscape growing in the right direction, not including lawn maintenance.

Classes & Garden Talks    

I'm familiar with a wide variety of horticultural topics, and I enjoy speaking for garden clubs. 

DIY Installation

I can space your plants properly, help you plant and show you how, I can also coordinate with other professionals you hire to install your vision.